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Positive Psychology Based Health & Wellness Coaching

Let's co-create a realistic health, wellness and well-being plan for you

Many individuals aspire to lead healthier, happier, and more balanced lives. Often, the challenge lies in feeling overwhelmed about how to implement wellness strategies to achieve these intentions.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily life, it's easy to feel cluttered and overwhelmed. By taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture, we can uncover clarity to guide your life in the direction of YOUR choosing. This involves discovering your heart's intention and embracing an intentional life. As your coach, I am here to walk with you on this journey, helping you achieve your goals.


Together, we'll utilize health and wellness tools, coaching assessments, and goal-setting techniques to reconnect you with your authentic self. By focusing on your values, beliefs, attributes, and strengths, we can envision who you want to become.


The goal is to establish a connection with your authentic self, enabling you to live a satisfied, fulfilled, and balanced life aligned with your vision. Let's embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation together.

Discover how you can optimize your wellness journey by leveraging FSA and MSA coverage for your services. Learn how to unlock reimbursement for your holistic health endeavors, ensuring that your well-being initiatives are financially supported through flexible spending and health savings accounts.

"Because the coach is not an inquisitor but is really on the coachee’s side in this exploration, the coach can ask powerful questions that break through old defenses. When coachees learn to be curious about their lives, it reduces some of the pressure and lowers the risk. They become more willing to look in the dark places and try hard things because they are curious, too." 
-Co-Active Coaching
Mind-body, health & wellness, yoga, bodywork
Mind-body, health & wellness, yoga, bodywork

Nutritional Support

Emotional Well-Being

Stress Management

Physical Fitness

Job Satisfaction

Spiritual Awareness

4 Types of Well-Being


Intellectual & spiritual mindset


Occupational & financial well-being


Physical & mental health well-being


Social & community well-being

Mind-body, health & wellness, yoga, bodywork

One Stop Guidance

All-in-one wellness care

A significant 75% of all medical costs are linked to imbalances in our lifestyle choices. These imbalances may stem from stress in unfulfilling careers, mental triggers triggered by social relationships, depletion due to financial burdens, lack of equilibrium in physical activity, or mental reactions stemming from a lost sense of community. It's evident that unhealthy choices impact our entire system.

Rather than discovering an issue in a session and then seeking external solutions, we can take immediate action. This approach emphasizes efficiency, allowing us to address and tackle challenges promptly.

Wrestling with unresolved 
traumas or issues

builds connections that are unconscious
Struggling to regain focus in the present 

Mindfulness will assist in bringing you back to center
Output at a standstill because your body is too

Let's get you on the mat and get your body moving with Yoga
Unable to manage pain, causing you to lose focus

Discover Bodywork to support 
pain management
Creative juices just not flowing like usual

Energy Work can help any energetic ebb flow freely
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