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Online classes are a great way to get your Asana Mat​

Our online classes center on trauma-informed yoga with a therapeutic perspective, integrating various wellness modalities such as:​


These sessions often encourage longer holds, allowing you to flow at your own pace, synced with your breath. They aren't necessarily easier; rather, they're tailored to your individual needs. Group classes typically follow a fundamental, therapeutic approach, combining Vinyasa Flow, Gentle, Yin, or Restorative Yoga, alongside other wellness techniques. In every class, I offer diverse options to customize the practice to your body, preferences, and intentions.


With over a decade of teaching experience and more than 15 years of personal practice, I consider myself a perpetual student. My teachings draw from various wellness disciplines, aiming to provide what I perceive as my truth, empowering you to uncover yours. Remember, your body is your greatest teacher—listen to its wisdom.

Yoga with Props

Therapeutic Somatic Yoga Class Styles

Mindful Movement

Syncing breath with Mindful Movement


In this Vinyasa Flow class we build strength and flexibility to  allow personalized alignment adjustments and muscle engagement.

Rhythmic movement quiets the mind and reduces depression

Supports a healthy metabolism, posture & lifestyle

Encourages cardiovascular health

Gentle Yoga

Gentle poses that encourages introspection

This style of Yoga focuses more on gentler poses with lots of options and not as much on flowing. Remember gentle does not always mean easy. 

At a pace to allow for customization

Increases strength, stability, mobility and flexibility


Suitable for all body types

Yin Yoga

"Deep, stretchy" Yoga poses mostly on the mat


In Yin, we hold poses for anywhere from 3-5+ minutes to target both the deep muscles and the fascial system throughout the whole body

Increases circulation in the joints and improves flexibility

Releases emotional blockages that hide in our tissues

Reduces stress & anxiety


This is all about rest and relaxation


We use the assistance of props to allow our bodies to become fully supported, allowing our muscles, connective tissues to surrender. 

Supports parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest)

Releases fascia and improves joint mobility


Calms the mind & body

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