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Embrace Healing Through Somatic Experiencing with
Brainspotting and Neurological Processing

Welcome to our Brainspotting Resource Hub, where you can explore a groundbreaking therapy technique that integrates somatic experiencing and neurological processing to foster profound healing from past traumas without reliving them. Our approach emphasizes creating a safe space for processing trauma, allowing individuals to heal from a place of comfort and security while engaging in somatic experiencing practices and leveraging neurological processing for comprehensive healing.

What is Brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a revolutionary therapeutic approach that utilizes eye positions to stimulate specific spots in the brain correlated with the location of trauma in the body. This innovative method empowers individuals to address and release trauma without re-experiencing the distressing event, all while incorporating neuro-somatic processing alongside complementary therapeutic modalities such as therapeutic yoga, mindfulness meditation, integrative bodywork, and reiki energy work. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic healing experience that encompasses mind, body, and spirit.

Key Features of Brainspotting:

  • Self Healing: Brainspotting enables individuals to heal from past traumas without reliving the experiences, providing a safe and secure environment for emotional processing.

  • Trauma Capsule: By accessing the neurobiological mechanisms underlying trauma, Brainspotting helps locate a "trauma capsule" where the healing process can unfold at a pace that feels comfortable and manageable, incorporating neuro-somatic to address bodily sensations and neurological responses associated with trauma.

  • Inner Child Work: Our approach incorporates inner child work, allowing individuals to address unresolved childhood traumas and nurture their inner selves with compassion and understanding, to connect with bodily experiences, neurological responses, and emotional processing related to childhood wounds.

  • Felt Sense Experience: Brainspotting focuses on the felt sense experience rather than specific memories, allowing for a deeper understanding and processing of emotional wounds.

  • Integration of the Person: We believe in the holistic integration of mind, body, and spirit, empowering individuals to achieve comprehensive healing and growth.

  • Where You Look Affects How You Feel: Brainspotting acknowledges the profound connection between eye movements and emotional states, offering a unique avenue for therapeutic intervention.

  • Untangling Internal Threads: Many individuals experience a sense of internal entanglement due to past traumas. Brainspotting helps untangle these threads, promoting inner harmony and balance, incorporating somatic experiencing and neurological processing to address bodily tensions, neurological patterns, and release somatic holding patterns.

  • Neuroexperiential Layer: Our approach delves into the neuroexperiential layer of trauma, providing a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological processes involved in healing to facilitate somatic and neurological release.


Begin Your Healing Journey Today.


Whether you're struggling with past traumas, emotional distress, or inner conflicts, Brainspotting offers a transformative path towards healing and liberation by integrating somatic experiencing practices and leveraging neurological processing. Contact us today to learn more about how Brainspotting, somatic experiencing, and neurological processing can empower your healing journey and restore balance to your life.


Out of all the healing modalities, I have not experienced one more effective at releasing and processing trauma. I was able to move through traumas I've been holding onto since childhood. -N.B.

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