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Beyond Brain & Body
Online Program

Gain Self-Awareness to Live the Life you Always Imagined

Through health & wellness coaching, yoga, bodywork, energy work and mindfulness techniques, you will gain self-awareness to live the life you always imagined.


In 5 weeks, be guided through my I.M.A.G.I.N.E.action™ Plan towards wellness and wholeness. Wellness means being in a state of health and wellbeing. It's not just about being physically healthy, but also emotionally, spiritually, and socially healthy.

What to Expect...


As a group, we will meet once a week for a Health & Wellness Coaching call and explore different aspects of self, to develop a deeper connection with your authentic truth.


There will be weekly opportunities to check-in with your newfound well-being community, to hold yourself and each other accountable. This will encourage you to make the desired shifts you've discovered in order to live your intention.


To embody your intention, we will practice wellness techniques such as myofascial release, yoga therapeutics, reiki, and mindfulness.


By ending in deep reflection and closing with a cleansing fire smudging ceremony, you will take the qualities of this life-changing transformation into your next chapter.

Client Success Story


Nicole's expertise as a yoga teacher is truly exceptional. Although I am not typically drawn to yoga, attending one of her classes was a fortunate coincidence that piqued my curiosity about her other services. Nicole's teaching style is captivatingly unique, ensuring that participants remain engaged and stimulated throughout the class.


Upon exploring her website, I came across information about Reiki, a practice I had little prior knowledge of. Intrigued by the prospect of trying something new, I decided to schedule a session at her serene studio. The moment I entered the space, I was immediately enveloped in a profound sense of tranquility and healing energy.


During my initial session, I entered with minimal expectations, uncertain of what to anticipate. However, upon completion, I emerged with an overwhelming feeling of peace and deep relaxation. Encouraged by this experience, I returned for another session several weeks later, seeking a respite from my fast-paced lifestyle. Although initially skeptical about the potential for healing, I approached the second session with the intention of finding solace in its tranquility. To my surprise, the session exceeded my expectations, evoking an intense emotional response and providing me with an overwhelming sense of safety and security. Nicole's compassionate nature and remarkable ability to comfort me during this experience were truly remarkable.


It is challenging to articulate the profound impact of the Reiki sessions in mere words. However, I am eager to return for further sessions, as I have come to realize that there is far more depth to our beings than we often acknowledge. If you find yourself on the fence about trying a Reiki session, I strongly urge you to do yourself a favor and embark on this transformative journey with Nicole. The experience has the potential to transcend your expectations and open new avenues of self-discovery and healing.

- Ayah Yassine

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