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What Does it All Mean?

Hello Yogi, Have you ever heard or read something that stopped you in your tracks? Maybe felt like a dagger to your heart? A slap in the face, telling you to wake up? Last night, I went to bed thinking, “tomorrow’s a new day” and honestly, woke up a little pissed off that I didn’t sleep away the thoughts and feelings that were there the night before. Determined to regroup, I made coffee, sat with my book, ready to focus on the calmness of a rare, kid free morning. Within minutes, I was pulled towards a notification, about a comment, sharing a resistance to a simple task that we all know is good for us and will benefit from. While sitting with this thought, I was pulled into a text chain, with a girlfriend, who’s awaiting results. Being through her similar journey years ago, I understood her heart. The fear of getting your hopes up about something. The hesitation of allowing yourself to feel excitement if the answer turns out to be a “no.” So, I shared with her my insight and the truth that she has already done everything she could to get the outcome she’s seeking. The fate laid out, the work complete, the answer out of her control. The pain if it’s "no," will be the same, regardless. So today, why not focus on what it would feel like if tomorrow’s results turn out to be a “yes” because if that’s the energy she’s trying to cultivate, that’s what will encourage her to try again, that’s what will tell her being what she wants to happen, that’s what will give her body the permission it needs to plant the seed. Thankfully, those were the exact words she needed to hear, and the only way I knew they would be, was because they were the exact words I told myself all those years ago. Relieved, I returned to my book, only to be halted by the words above. Damn! So much for my calm morning. Ha Ha Let’s wrap our heads around this concept, shall we? Somehow, we have no control over what’s happened to us or what may one day happen to us, YET, we simultaneously have all the control. Everything that happens or has happened “is what it is” and yet it holds no meaning until we decide what it all means. Every past experience, we get to decide what we want to see and what we don’t. We decide our perspective, our viewpoint, it’s meaning. We get to decide if the wounds, that one day turn into scars, are from living, surviving, winning, losing, or combo of it all. We get to decide what legacy these experiences leave on our heart, the affects they have on our soul, the impact they have on the decisions we make towards our future. How twisted is it that we have control over nothing and yet everything at the same time, simply because we get to decide what it all means to us? This is so damn empowering, encouraging and makes the earlier email about “helplessness” a moot point. And yet the responsibility, the truth that our excuses, our choices, our lives are ours to create… exhausting, right? Gggggaaaahhhhh! Who want’s to scream? 5 seconds Set a timer Ready… 3,2,1…. Aaaaahhhhh! Oooooofffff! Alrighty, now that we got that out of the way, let’s put our big girl (or boy) panties on and make some f**king choices, Nicole. Sure, we could be wrong, sure this could really hurt, sure this could really suck… but it could also all work out exactly as you want it to. Because at the end of the day, YOU get to decide what it all means to you, Nicole. I’m here to help you find your direction. Below are some options. Stay in the Light, Nicole


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