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Well-Being Coaching

Friday’s the day I put my “too muchness,” my superpower, out into the world. Are you like me and have been called Too much Too emotional Too caring Too analytical That you take things too personally Or are you the opposite? Have you been told you/you’re Not enough Don’t feel enough Don’t care enough Don’t think deeply enough That you’re emotionally unavailable Personally, Nicole Starr, I don’t believe there’s such a thing as “too much” or “not enough.” I think we all have different personalities and traits to learn, support, connect and balance one another. We posses these balancing traits within ourselves (our two wolves) also and often meet others who can help balance them out. Those who can awaken the parts that have been sleeping, rest the parts that have been sleep deprived. Yin & Yang Inward & Outward Ebb & Flow Receive & Give Be & Grow & being the key symbol…why do you think I use it, repeatedly, in most of my writings? Let’s find your “just right,” Goldilocks. Let my superpower help you uncover yours. Do you want To increase your content output…while creating balance in your life. Permission to rest…granted! An invitation to grow… it’s right here. You’re zoomed in, fully immersed in your life, where things can feel a little cluttered, cloudy, overwhelming. I can look at your picture as a whole and can offer clarity to help you aim your life in the direction of YOUR choosing-uncovering your hearts intention, to help live an intentional life. PPPPSSSSTTT…please, please, please can I tell you the BEST part?! The part that other coaches, marketing experts, people who thought they knew what was best for me, who didn’t trust in the deep work I’ve done to know what was best for myself… When we toss the masks that you’ve been hiding behind, the parts that no longer serve you and uncover the ones that do - we’ll be able to actually do something about it. What?! Unable to express your emotions because you were never allowed to feel them, thus keeping them in a box, hidden in a room deep within yourself… Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative Yoga paired with a Emotional Labeling Meditation will open the door, setting them free - setting YOU free. Nervous system overloaded caused by pain from a past injury or accident…Yoga Therapeutics will give you the relief you’ve been seeking. Tension in your Gluteus Maximus (please tell me you get the joke) caused by a past experience that you’ve been holding on tightly to…Myofascial Release and Thai Yoga Bodywork will massage that right out of there. Discovered the realization that you’re unfocused, unproductive, uninspired at work, home or in your love life because you’re energetically in and ebb…Reiki and Energy Work to the rescue. ALL in the same safe space with the same Well-Being Guide! Instead of discovering something in session and then outsourcing a solution, we can implement it immediately. I don’t know about you, Nicole Starr, but my circle of trust is small (thank you Fockers.) It takes me a long time to let people into certain parts of my world. I am honored by your trust in me and grateful that we have so many wellness modalities to help you feel whole. Treating the whole system, the whole person, the whole being - holistic health, wellness and well-being for every human being. Stay in the Light, Nicole Starr Bacon


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