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Walk This Way! Talk this...

Hello Yogi, There is nothing more magical than seeing someone fully surrender to the process, dive deep into a reconnection with themselves, regain trust in the beautiful, powerful being that they already are. What happens on the mat is often like rekindling a romance. Reconciling an intimate relationship with oneself that's be been broken by negative self talk, mistrust, loss of faith. (From personal experience, I used to be very mean to myself.) When I look at the world, I see that what I offer is rare, powerful, empowering. I appreciate my clients trust in themselves and am honored by their faith in me. How many people around you set their egos, their agendas, their ideas of what's best for you aside to encourage you to discover what your truest self desires? Instead of telling you what you need to change, fix, problem solve, I hold space for your personal growth, healing, transformation. I am the Well-Being Guide you grow beyond needing. I bring with me a nonjudgmental understanding that deep work is tough. There’s no certification, no real goal or finish line. The reward is internal… but DAMN if it’s not the best feeling in the whole wide world! To feel, safe, secure, confident in who you are. To have faith and trust in yourself. To know that no matter what life throws at you (and it certainly will) that you will make it to the other side…just like you’ve proven, many times before. To f**king show up for yourself. To advocate for your spirit, your being, your boundaries. ✨Let me help you rekindle your relationship with yourself because you are the only one who will know you from birth til death. ✨Let me empower you. ✨And then let me get the F💣 out of your way so you can stoke the flames in the direction of your choosing. "The job of a hero is not to save the galaxy, or rescue princesses, or slay the dragons. That may be part of it but in the end the hero really has one job. And that's to make himself unnecessary. Out here we make ourselves unnecessary on our own terms." -Yahtzee Croshaw I shared this post on Instagram the other day @nicolestarrstudios and wanted to elaborate because I truly believe that there is no relationship more important than the one you have with yourself. It’s also one of the most complex, challenging, heartbreaking relationships you’ll ever know. There’s a constant battle between confidence and hatred. We can be our biggest cheerleader and in the next breath our greatest enemy. We sometimes love ourselves unconditionally but then despise ourselves by focusing on our flaws, mistakes, lessons still to be learned… which is not unconditional. That’s love with conditions. Saying "I’m going to love myself once this or that happens. After I lose the weight, once I stop failing, when I become perfect." Enough’s enough, . Let’s just fricking stop already! Let’s lean into self love, self acceptance… let’s offer ourselves some grace, for goodness sake. Like I said, my journey towards self love has been a treacherous one. It took everything I had. Everything I thought I was, everything I knew I wasn’t. Lots of errors, trials, missteps…and then redemption. An unwavering acceptance of my perfectly imperfectness. So much so that after 13 years on this Well-Being voyage I was able to identify with the hero in the quote above. What?! Craziness! 20 year old me would NEVER have had the courage, the vulnerability, the strength to do that. This is the Well-Being pilgrimage that begins with a single step. A journey towards being well. Step this way. Walk this way. (Do you hear it, Nicole? Do you hear Steven Tyler & Run-D.M.C screaming at you?) Remember, right now, there are A LOT of opportunities to take that first step. Click buttons and pictures below to find out more. Stillness, Awareness, Wellness, Nicole Starr Bacon


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