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Sublime Align - Unlock Yourself

We know the importance of having goals, visions, and dreaming big. This drive is what has enabled humans to evolve into the magnificent beings we see today.

Sometimes, however, our vision is not aligned with our truth.

Hear me out…

There’s a truth deep within all of us. It’s the voice of our authentic self, the one most connected with source. Whether your sense of source is God, Goddess, Divine Light, Atman, a Deity, or something else all together, this authentic self knows where you've been and the direction you're meant to go. Your internal compass, so to speak.

As we use our intentions to drive our actions, we must first make sure those intentions are aligned with this truth.

You may be asking, so how do I hear my truth?

The answer - question.

What?! That doesn’t make sense, right?

We often think an answer is the opposite of a question, when in reality it’s the questioning that unlocks the answer.

That's right - if you’re seeking an answer you must first permit yourself to question.

Oh, but that’s the scary part, isn't it?

It can feel frightening because so much is behind that closed door. The one you've slammed shut so long ago. And when you open that door, you're unlocking the doorway to the unknown.

But traveling through the unknown, through the muck you've accumulated over time, through the masks you've hid behind is the only way to reconnect with your authentic self, the only way to hear their voice more clearly... the only way to hear YOUR voice more clearly.

When that line of communication is unencumbered, the noise, the static, the negative self talk fades, and you hear its truth.

You hear YOUR truth.

And you will feel greater confidence to reach out for what’s aligned for you.

You will feel greater strength to stick up for your truth by setting stronger boundaries.

You will feel a greater pull towards the vision that’s in harmony with your authentic self.

But, most profoundly, you can trust the fact that this may be hard to do on our own. That’s why I’m here.

To support you.

To challenge you.

To empower you.

Then to get the hell out of your way and watch you soar.

When you’re ready to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, I’m here.

Rest in Your Radiance,

Nicole Starr


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