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Let's Get Personal

Hello Yogi,

I wanted to send a quick reminder about the Wellness Service Spotlight deals I'll be offering. Every month I will spotlight (and discount) a specific wellness service that I offer to hopefully encourage you to try them out and see what resonates with you. And yes, I offer a lot of different services.

For me, Yoga opened the door to so many more modalities. Through a natural evolution of my personal practice I discovered the healing components of chakra energy work and Reiki. Because I'm a very involved yoga teacher, I was encouraged to study Thai Bodywork to safely offer hands on assists. Being plagued by my own monkey-mind lead me to yoga nidra mindfulness meditations. My struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety brought me to talk therapy, which nothing can replace. See, a kaleidoscope of healing options. Tools on my tool belt to suite the ebbs and flows of life.

Let's discover what modalities vibe with you. This month's offering will be private or semi private yoga and meditation sessions at a 50% discount. Click image below to check availability.

Private or semi-private yoga and meditation sessions deepen your practice, helps grow confidence and allows you to understand how to work with contraindications or injuries:

- Develop a practice tailored to your individual needs.

- Personal instruction is an invaluable tool for students of all levels.

- Personal sessions are the best way to address your goals and work on areas of individual interest.

When you work with a teacher one on one, your practice and connection to yourself evolves. This personal guidance assists you in understanding the mechanics of your individual body, being and mind.

Til next time.

Stillness, Awareness, Wellness,

Nicole Starr Bacon


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