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Free Live-Streamed Virtual Yoga Fundamentals Classes

Hello Yogi, As we know, life is all about awareness and adaptation. Well, I've observed that ever since I started using Zoom instead of Vimeo for our Free Live-Streamed Virtual Classes, the viewing rates have gone down. Could be Zoom fog but I think it's because there was some comfort in the autonomy of the Vimeo classes, whereas Zoom is more interactive. After some contemplation, I'm going to switch our Free Live-Streamed Virtual Classes back to Vimeo and use Zoom for Private Wellness Services. What do you think, ? I also want to make sure I'm transparent about the fact that what I offer is quite different than what you'll find in a typical, modern day yoga class. (Trust me, I LOVE being different.) The group classes I offer are typically a fundamental, therapeutic approach to either a Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga class or combination of all three with other wellness modalities, such as mindfulness and breathwork, sprinkled about. In all classes, I offer lots of options, to allow the practice to suit your individual body, preferences and intention. That being said, all Free Live-Streamed Virtual Yoga classes will now be called Yoga Fundamentals. Monday's will still be mindfulness mediation and/or breathwork. Wednesday's will still be a 30 minute class, Friday's an hour, both rotating between slower paced Yin or Restorative with a faster paced Vinyasa. I simply want to lean away from how these classes are popularly known and make sure I'm expressing that I am offer them from a more fundamental, therapeutic approach. Confused? I am too! Ha Ha To help this make sense, think of the way I teach a Vinyasa Flow Class vs. the way it's taught in most Fast, Hot, Power Flow, Yoga Studios. Quite different. I often encourage longer holds, flowing at your own pace, with your own breath. That's the fundamental, therapeutic approach. Not easier, by any means. Just more individualized. One's not a right way, the other's not wrong... they're just different. This video, as hysterical, not safe for work and HIGHLY inappropriate as it is, is certainly not me. It's funny because it's accurate and a big reason why I walked away from teaching all those years ago. Now that I'm back, gratefully so, I want to be sure I'm putting out, into the world, what is aligned with my truth as a teacher. Nothing's really changing, I just want to be sure I can meet the expectations students have when they hop on their mat with me. Also, you may have noticed that, on my website, I've added a description about Yoga Therapeutics. I will be finishing my training, early next year, to become a Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, which will allow me to offer Yoga Therapeutics and Myofascial Release Sessions. Super exciting! I'll update you more soon. Below is our class schedule for the rest of the year as well as what it will starting January 1st. (How is it almost 2022?!) Please reach out if you have any questions. Remember, yes, you deserve these pauses in your day. Stillness, Awareness, Wellness, Nicole Starr Bacon


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