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I'm excited to start offering our Biweekly Workshop Series and dive deeper into different areas of interest such as the Yoga Sutras, Guided Meditations, Yamas & Niyamas and so much more. Let's geek out on all things wellness!

Our first 10 session series will cover Chakras and the Subtle Body. Chakras are balls/wheels of energy felt throughout the subtle/energetic body, typically located where nerve gangli reside.

If you have absolutely no clue what any of those words mean, that's all the more reason to sign up for this workshop series. In these workshops, I will take these complex, dynamic energy fields, break down their meaning, qualities, properties and guide us on how we can work with balancing these ever changing energy centers. We will use the physical practice of yoga, the meditative aspects of mantras and meditations as well as balancing forces of Reiki. Every workshop will be different and all packed with hippie-dippie, nerdy-wordy goodness!

Because our subtle bodies are affected by many things within and beyond ourselves, such as, our environment, chemicals, hormones, thoughts... every one can benefit from learning how to tap into their own energy centers. This will help us to understand what is our energy and what is someone else's, allowing us to send loving light to those around us but not be taken down by their energy. Empathy without depletion. A practice for everybody and every body.

There are different pricing options to suit your financial well-being. For a limited time...

-The Full Workshop Module options is discounted by 50%. That means you get 10 sessions for the price of 5.

-The Workshop Membership option includes a 30 day free trial

-Both plans included HUGE discounts for other services

Reserve your spot today. I cannot wait to nerd out with y'all.

Stillness, Awareness, Wellness,

Nicole Starr Bacon


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