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Beyond Brain & Body

Whole-Being, Whole-Istic Health & Wellness

Have you "tried it all" but didn't quite find what you were looking for?

Well, instead of seeing many practitioners for multiple topics of concern that focus on various areas of your being, let's bring it all back together. Let's integrate all of who you are, cultivating wholeness and harmony, replacing the overwhelming feeling of being pulled in numerous directions. 

In these holistic, personalized, fluid sessions, you’ll discover which wellness modalities best guide you in the direction of your choosing and create an action plan that reconnects you with your most authentic self. 

Available Online or In-Studio


In a Beyond Brain & Body session you will

  • Create an action plan 

  • Receive emotional support

  • Practice multi modality care

  • Gain clarity and understanding

  • Reconnect with your authentic self

  • Embrace well-being for your whole being

During our time together you will discover what you need in order to improve your overall health and well-being. This will be done by balancing the use of a personalized, structured workbook with the fluidity of holistic health sessions. 

You may be thinking "Yeah, this sounds great," then immediately questioning "How can I make this happen though?"

The truth is, if it's important to you, you somehow find a way, somehow find the time. Please realize that YOU should be important to you. If you're not yet comfortable doing this for yourself, then do it for them - the many people who rely on you. The people's lives you'd make better simply by taking better care of yourself. Self love has a ripple effect.

Sometimes, we deny ourselves self love because we're uncomfortable spending time with ourselves. Afraid of what we may uncover. Ironically, when you confront the parts of yourself that no longer serve you and uncover the ones that do, healing happens and the self love you've been seeking is fostered. 


I offer a kaleidoscope of holistic health, wellness, and well-being services. Let's see what resonates with you and allow you to fall in love with the perfectly imperfect being you already are. Interested? Book a private session today. 

Or join our Beyond Brain & Body Online Program to hold yourself and your newfound community accountable. 


"Hands down one of the best experiences I've ever had! Nicole is a wonderful instructor who completely personalized my session with her. Instead of just teaching me quick standard yoga sequences, she took the time to get to know me and my needs. She is an inspiration and I can't wait to spend more time with her. Thanks to her I'm learning to trust myself again."
- Britta McGraw

Want to increase your output
 while creating balance in your life?Coaching is in your corner. You’re zoomed in, fully immersed in your life, where things can feel a little cluttered, cloudy, overwhelming. Let's look at the picture as a whole and find clarity to help you aim your life in the direction of YOUR choosing. 
Feeling emotionally blocked? 
Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga paired with Meditation will open the door, setting your emotions free - setting YOU free. Or is your n
ervous system overloaded, caused by pain from a past injury or accident? Yoga Therapeutics will give you the relief you’ve been seeking.
Tension in your Glutes
(please tell me you get the joke) caused by a past e
xperience that you’ve been tightly holding on to?Myofascial Release and Thai Yoga Bodywork will massage that right out of there. A MFR session will also teach you personalized tools for at home, self-care treatments. 
Feeling blah?
Discovered the realization that you’re unfocused, unproductive, uninspired at work, home or in your love life because you’re energetically in and ebb? Energy Work will provide you with an incredible sense of peace, joy and contentment while offering messages and guidance. 
Struggling to live presently
or struggling to sleep? Practice Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation. These are forms of meditation where you focus on being aware of what you're sensing in the moment without feeling the need to shame, change or judge anything that arises. 

Multi-Modality Care 


ALL in the same, safe, space, with the same practitioner

Instead of discovering something in session and then outsourcing a solution, we can implement it immediately.

I am honored by your trust in me and grateful that we have so many wellness modalities to help you feel whole. Let's treat the whole system, the whole person, the whole being.


Let's discover what modalities vibe with you. Book a Beyond Brain & Body Session and let’s put more tools in your tool box, more calming strategies in your  corner. 

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Client Success Story

Oh gosh, tough to pick a favorite!! I think it was a perfect combination. The beginning part where I meditated on something negative and (Nicole) helped work it out of me: that was invaluable, and I saw immediate positive changes in my spirit and in my life. I also really liked the second part (plus I just love being cocooned in blankets! :P), and how Nicole was able to "bring me back" when I started drifting into my own thoughts. (SO crazy that she is able to do that by the way!!). I'd like to get better at that part in the future (just letting the energy flow, instead of getting stuck in blockages of my own, racing / fidgety thoughts). 

- Allie Southerland

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