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You Fricking Deserve This!

I may know what you're thinking. "Wait, didn't she just send this email?! Great, another person thinking they know what I need, trying to get me to buy what they're selling. Ugh, so annoying. Unsubscribe!" Absolutely. I hear you. It sucks getting your inbox flooded with hard sells. It can feel discouraging when everywhere you look it seems like people assume that they know what you need better than you. You're right, I did just send this email but this time, with a little behind the scenes perspective. Believe it or not, I used to sell Mini Coopers for Hank Aaron. Yes, I was great at my job and was the top sales person most months. (When sharing these comments, this is usually where I brace for impact. Cuz I know what's coming.) The response I tend to get is, "Of course you were. Pretty girl, big boobs, I bet all the men bought cars from you." Yup. See, I get it, assumptions suck! At this point I'd usually take a deep breath, drop into my calm place and say, "Yeah, I'm sure there's some truth in that assumption. I didn't know then but looking at things in hindsight, I was probably considered a pretty girl. You're right, men did come in, were inappropriately flirty and the game began." You see, a pretty face only opens a door. You have to choose how or if you want to walk through it. I ALWAYS chose my integrity. I'd share what I loved about the vehicle, which was a lot. I genuinely believed in the product and to my advantage, the market did not have a surplus of Mini's. I didn't have to use any "hard sell" tactics, even though I was trained to know them all and encouraged to use the typical sales manipulations and persuasions. What I did use was my grit, my empathy and my intelligence. Because what I knew was that this sexiest, chauvinistic, d-bag of an insecure man was typically not the one in charge of his checkbook because real, secure, confident men who are, don't act like that. So, closing time would come and, of course, he'd always say... Yup, that's right, you know where I'm going with this.... "I have to ask my wife." This my friends, is where I would shine. Absof**kinglutely, bring her in. She'd arrive and I would NEVER acknowledge the man again. I'd focus on her. Her questions, he concerns, her excitement. I'd completely focus my attention, my empathy, my heart on this lovely woman. Let's be honest, how often do you think that happened when she entered a car dealership? Probably almost never. This wasn't a sales tactic on my part, this was me; an authentic person sharing her truth, her belief in a product, a piece of her heart and all her empathy, because that's exactly what this woman deserved. It's exactly what you deserve. It's what we all deserve. Yes, I could use all the tricks in the book to get you to sign up and they just might work. I also REALLY, TRULY believe that Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and all things wellness could transform your life. But what I know more than anything else is that I would NEVER rob you, never diminish the power of that first step. It has to be all yours. It's that empowering step when you decide that you've had enough. That you're ready for a change. That you're tired of your own shit. That excruciatingly beautiful moment when you realize that you are in control of your life and you get to dictate your future. So sign up, don't sign up, do what's right in your heart. Personally, I think this is a great deal and a wonderful opportunity. But, if you're not ready, that's ok. I promise I will be here whenever you are. Whenever you decide to stop putting yourself last. Whenever you are ready to finally choose you. Stillness, Awareness, Wellness, Nicole Starr Bacon


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