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What is Burnout

Hello Yogi, You may have seen this on Instagram earlier, so I wanted to share the how and why behind this pivot to focus on our love, care and relationship with self, over our growth. The truth is, they often go hand in hand. Once you look towards the direction of your future, you cannot help but be taken back to your past. Triggers from past experiences often cast a filter over present experiences, which sometimes cause worries about the future. Especially, if you've experienced trauma. Shadow work, exploring these triggers, healing our past, hopefulness for the future, growth and things of that nature, are key steps in living a fulfilling life. Sometimes, we find ways to completely move past these triggers, confidently moving through life, until we are faced with a new obstacle, new adventure, new insight, that opens an old wound we thought was healed over. This can feel like an exhausting, never-ending journey. When we inevitably get to the point of depletion, it's important to pause and remind ourselves of our "why." To dog ear that deep, intense book, and begin again when we're ready. To reflect on the reason behind our desire to evolve. To experience life - to live. Y'all know I'm all about growth, healing, transformation and personal evolution. I've shared a lot about it over the last several months and even more over the last decade as a Well-Being Guide. One thing I've noticed lately, is that we're all f**king wore out. Like I mentioned earlier, we're in survival mode, which is a tricky roller coaster to get off of, even when the ride is over. (Which it's not.) Over the last decade, with the use of different wellness modalities, I've helped many people, who have mental responses caused by past trauma, navigate their treacherous journey towards well-being. Lately, what I have noticed is that people who haven't experienced trauma are showing symptoms similar to those who have. Physicians, Psychologists and Coaches are calling this "Burnout." Not a diagnosis, but simply an explanation of symptoms. What is burnout? Burnout is a form of chronic stress that manifests itself in many ways such as feeling ✔️Emotionally depleted ✔️Unmotivated ✔️Detached ✔️Unproductive ✔️Exhausted ✔️And physical symptoms such as headache, stomach issues, pain… Burnout is currently on the rise and is showing up in different demographics, fields of study and walks of life. It is essential for us to navigate our way through burnout to avoid long term effects. In the picture above, are 5 accessible ways to navigate it. These will be our focal points over the next several months. ✨At the beginning of each month we will introduce each focal point/theme by getting familiar with it in our Online Classes and through inspirational, nerdy, hippie-dippie, science backed email interactions ✨About a week into the month, I will launch a 21 day program encouraging you to dive deeper into the practice ✨ We will end the month with a free online, community Q & A: our Well-Being Tribe’s Satsang, which is a gathering where we share our truths and hold space for one another. I’m here to guide you on this journey, as we navigate the rough terrain of burnout and make our way to the other side. The side of peace, calm & equanimity. At this moment 💕 Be sure you’re subscribed to our email list (CHECK ✔️) 💕 Become a membership holder by purchasing our monthly Joyful Membership or yearly Namaste Membership - both for less than 1 a day 💕Be on the lookout for program launch dates I look forward to “just being” and “just breathing” with you. Stillness, Awareness, Wellness, Nicole Starr Bacon


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