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What Does Love Mean to You?

Hello Yogi, Have you ever paused to reflect on this question? What does love look like to you? What does it feel like? A real, honest, raw version. Not some “perfect,” unreachable idea. Not something you saw on tv or a small glimpse you’ve seen throw the window of someone else's relationship? What does it mean to your heart, to your gut, your mind, your whole being? Really ask yourself…I’ll wait. Still waiting…. Alright, you got it? You’re letting this image wash over you, right? You’re letting it seep into every part of you, so you can fully experience what it feels like? Awesome! Now, you know exactly what you’re looking for. Remember though, when joining with others, you have to factor in their sense of love too. You, inevitably, must be willing to compromise. What parts of the unreal are you willing to surrender, to create space for the real? And now the biggest question of all… The relationship you’ve imagined in your mind, the one you’re seeking - do you feel that type of love towards yourself? Do you hold yourself to the same standards? Do you offer yourself the same grace and compromise? Do you send yourself the same love you desire to send outward and are looking to receive? If not, what’s the smallest possible step you can take today, to remedy that? I’ve dated a lot in my 39 years on this Earth. Alright, I’ve dated an obnoxious amount. My idea of love - a little to unrealistic, my expectations - a little too high, my walls - even higher. Some men didn’t even come close and the ones who did, I pushed away. Until, I fell in love with myself. Until I was loving to myself. Now, yes, my expectations are still high AND realistic, there’s space for imperfection, for grace, for compromise, and as for those walls - they have been replaced with boundaries. I’ve always had intense loves. Every damn one. They were beautiful, passionate, all encompassing and often swept me away. Now, I’m ready for gentle, for kind, for real, for raw, for perfectly imperfect. I know, without a doubt, the reason what I'm seeking is different, is all because the way I’m loving myself is different. I hold myself to my own realistic expectations, I accept myself when I fail, I lean into my mess and what I used to view as my weaknesses, I now know are my greatest strengths. I’m gentler with myself, kinder to my heart. So again, are you loving yourself with the same love you’re seeking? Send some love to yourself or to those near and dear to you with a 50% discount on all Wellness Services. 💕Coupon code💕 IFRICKINGLOVEYOU Valid til February 28th, 2022 Gift Cards are available Below are my final time slots available this month. My online schedule is up to date, so if you’re looking to book, I’d recommend you do it soon. Thank you all so much for all your love, support and grace. 🙏💕 Stay in the Light, Nicole Starr Bacon


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