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Treasures & hOMemade Keys

Hello Yogi,

Let's chat about your growth & healing. (I can sense your eye roll from over here...but also your intrigue.)

I get it. Who the hell has time to focus on their healing right now? The thing we dare not say is still happening, the holidays are coming up, lots and lots going on.

I hear you. It's a tough time to focus on YOU right now, .

I also know, it never feels like the "right" time to focus on you.

And I most definitely know, that IF when you do, your whole world will transform.

I'm not going to lie, it won't happen over night. It won't be easy. It's going to suck! Hard! It's going to feel gross and messy and imperfect.

(Ummmm, you're not really selling me on this, Nicole.)

I know, right?!

During a Virtual Yin Yoga Class a few weeks back, you heard me talk about an episode of Dharma & Greg, where he thinks about this life he thought he wanted. An easier one. He questioned whether or not he should've chose the easy route over the more challenging, self aware one. He goes on to tell Dharma that it's much harder to pave a path for yourself than to choose one that's been laid out for you. He then jokes that he thought "following your bliss" was supposed to be easy... but it's certainly not.

No, this is not the easy path. But I promise you, without a doubt, it's the most rewarding one.

So how do I explain this?

How do I express that the return on your investment here is the greatest you will ever know?

Your ROI is inner peace.

How am I supposed to quantify inner peace, when it's so subjective? So personal? So sacred?

Truth is, I can't.

But I can tell you, from personal experience, that it makes everything bigger, better, more satisfying.

I've been mindfully "working" on myself for about 13 years now. It's been great, and sad and awful and every emotion under the sun. It's as though I've been filling this clear treasure chest. I've been able to see it's contents with every bit of "deep work" I've done. Every moment when I chose to focus on my healing. Every yoga class, meditation practice, book I've read, etc... has filled this box.

But I was never able to open it.

My world, from the outside, looked big. Big house, big spending, big world.Then about a year and a half ago, everything shrunk. Smaller home, smaller disposable income, smaller world.

And yet, my life has never felt larger, more satisfying, more abundant.

How? Because I found the key... actually, I made the key.

Like I said, I've been working on my healing for a long time now. The puzzle pieces have been coming together, even when I couldn't see them. Even when I didn't see the bigger picture. Even when my lense was zoomed in, focusing only on my imperfectness.

There's this boundary I've been trying to set for over 8 years now. Last week, from a state of inner peace that my Reiki training offered me, I was finally able to set it. And it was glorious. And awful. And hard. And the most rewarding experience I've ever know.

After I set this boundary, I somehow visualized cutting a thread. One that I didn't consciously know was still there. A thread that cut not only a habit I've been repeating but a generational one that has been repeated by those before me.

The cut thread spun into a key, which unlocked the treasure chest that I've been filling for all those years.

Inside that chest, I found my inner peace.

Today, per new moon tradition, I went to fill out a sheet of tissue paper with things I want to "let go" of and what I want to "let grow." I usually write these out, burn the tissue paper (because there's nothing left after you burn it) and then cleanse myself with either sage or palo santo.

Usually this piece of paper is FULL to the brim. Hardly any room left to write.

This morning, I drew a blank. I had NOTHING to write. Because, I am full, satisfied, abundant, at peace.

These, almost tangible, moments are your ROI.

This is the return on your investment. An investment in yourself.

Let me help you. Let me guide you. Let me remind you that you, are worth investing in.

Currently, I'm offering a FREE 30 Minute Reiki Session (in-person or virtual) using promo code; MYENERGY or 50% off a Full 1 Hour Reiki Session (in-person or virtual) using promo code; FALLFORYOURSELF.

There's also a lot of contribution based virtual classes, upcoming events and other wellness services. Check out my website and discover more.

I believe in you.

I believe in this whimsical, hippie dippie, science based, woo woo madness.

Let me help you find your key.

Stay in the Light,

Nicole Starr Bacon


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