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Swerve out of the Lane

Hello Yogi,

Well, it's been about a month since I sent this email out and I'm wondering what your thoughts are, ? Have you been pondering my last email? Maybe thinking "Yeah, you're right, I REALLY need to get back on my mat." Then immediately questioning "How can I make this happen though?"

The truth is, if it's important to you, you somehow find a way, somehow find the time. Please realize YOU should be important to you. If you're not yet comfortable doing this for yourself, then do it for them... the many people who rely on you. The people's lives you'd make better simply by taking better care of yourself. Self love has a ripple effect. Let it start right here, right now.

As I mentioned, every month I will spotlight (and discount) a specific wellness service that I offer to hopefully encourage you to try them out and see what resonates with you. And yes, I offer a lot of different services.

Some people may be thinking "Pick a lane, Hippie! Develop your niche. Specialize in just one modality." Well, I couldn't agree less. Everything about me is a hodge podge. My religious beliefs, my personality, my preferences... all a patchwork quilt of experiences paired with in the moment living.

My own healing and teaching journeys are no different. Yoga opened the door to so many more modalities. Through a natural evolution of my personal practice I discovered the healing components of chakra energy work and Reiki. Because I'm a very involved yoga teacher, I was encouraged to study Thai Bodywork to safely offer hands on assists. Being plagued by my own monkey-mind lead me to yoga nidra mindfulness meditations. My struggle with postpartum depression and anxiety brought me to talk therapy.

See, a kaleidoscope of healing options. Tools on my tool belt to suite the ebbs and flows of life.

Let's discover what modalities vibe with you. This month's (November) offering will be Energywork Sessions (in-person or virtual.) Receive a full hour session at a 50% discount by using promo code:FALLFORYOURSELF or a FREE 30 minute session using promo code:MYENERGY.

Our world, environment, weather, community and everything around us effect our mood, our energy and our Chakras (energy points throughout our body.) We are energetic beings. Every living thing on the planet has an energy field. This field is external and internal. Through Holy Fire Reiki, Chakra Balancing and Locational Energy Clearing Sessions, we can bring our energy back into balance.

- Receive a full scan of your energetic body to locate any ebbs & flows

- Leave the session feeling balanced, centered and in harmony with your environment

-Sense divine, healing light being directed toward any place of byosen (disharmony)

-Experience a sense of peace after your location (home, office, workspace, venue...) has been cleansed, cleared and charged of energy

Other opportunities to center, ground and connect with yourself are our live-streamed virtual classes and upcoming events. Check them out, I bet you'll find something perfect for you.

And if you don't, respond to this email and let's discuss what you're looking for.

Stay in the Light,

Nicole Starr Bacon


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