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Mo Money No Problem

Hello Yogi,

Recently I shared an email about how your inner peace is your ROI, your return on the investment in yourself, your well-being.

What did you do with that information?

Did you dismiss it.

Mock it?

Pretend like it's a great idea but one only good in theory?


Did you sit with it?

Wrestle with it?

Try to figure out how the fricking hell you could apply it to your life?

(There are no wrong answers here!)

I know. Who has time for inner peace? Truth bomb.... WE ALL DO!

Ironically, taking the time to cultivate inner peace will give you more time and energy for everything else. I know, a novel concept, bear with me here, .

I am not naive or exempt to the fact that we all need to make a living. We need money to live and our greatest asset to obtain said money to live is our time and energy. We've been programed to believe that the harder we push, the faster we move, the more hustle we have in our step the more money we will receive, thus creating a better life for ourselves and our children (if that's a circus you choose to be the ringmaster of.)

Faster, harder, more, more, more...

Question; what's the most popular style of yoga these days?

You've guessed it... Fast, hot power flow.

So, even in our wellness world, we're adding heat, on top of heat, speed, on top of speed. No wonder why we feel so out of balance.

Again, there is a place for this style and it holds extreme benefits, but where's the balance? Why do you think I'm so adamant about balancing these wonderfully fast-paced classes with the coolness, the stillness of Yin... a soapbox for another day though. Ha Ha

The point I'm trying to make here is that we've all been there. Consumed by the idea to do more, to speed up, to fight through the fatigue, to push through the pain and then what happens?

Reflect on that for a moment.

When you've pushed beyond your breaking point, beyond your edge, when your gut said "rest, slow down, back off" but instead of listening, you kept forcing, did you get everything you were hoping for, fighting for, destroying your inner peace for?

Maybe. It is possible.

But were you satisfied?

Were you fulfilled?

Did your life feel more balanced?

If the answer is "no" did you make changes to your mindset? Evolve? Grow? Learn?

If you've been in my classes before, you know what I'm about to say....

Lesson's will be repeated until learned.


I know, that truth bomb might've hurt a bit. Remember, R.I.C.E when something hurts. Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate... damn if that's not applicable to our bodies as well as our lives!

So, did you feel the peace you were hustling to seek?

Inner peace is not out of reach. It's not just beyond some hurtle, over some mountain, through some obstacle. It's a INNER place within. A safe place where we can return to, even if only for a minute, to remind us what we're fighting for. What we're working so hard for. A calm during the storm.

Now, I'm not saying get rid of all your earthly possessions, wear burlap clothes and go live in silence on a mountain or beach somewhere. That's not entirely realistic. That's embracing only the enlightened part of you, when in truth, we are human beings. Specks of cosmic dust designed to live in this world. The balancing points between Heaven (if that's something you believe in) and Earth.

I'm simply begging you to remember that you are a complex, dynamically, spiritual human creature that needs balance to survive. To thrive.

Work, hustle, play, rest, be, become... all of it! ;)

You're reminded on a daily basis of how important your personal growth is. I'm here to also remind you of the importance of your inner peace.

"Work when there is work to do. Rest when you are tired. Once thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done in panic. I am not a hero if I deny rest. I am only tired." Susan McHenry

Rest when you are tired... even if all you have is one minute. Do it as often as you can, whenever your gut tells you it's time. No one, in the history of the world has ever said, "I wish I didn't follow my gut."

Ironically, it will truly make the growth you seek occur easier, faster, more aligned with what you desire, without force.

Having a full to-do list means you can't escape your desk.... You power through and you're exhausted, doing just enough to check the box on each project... all while other projects are piling up for tomorrow.

No way you can stop to meditate, right?

I call "bullshit!"

Meditation will give you the clarity you need to see the system as a whole. Maybe you'll realize those deadlines are arbitrary and you don't have to bend over to meet them. (Yoga pun intended.) Or you'll find the clarity to delegate. Or systematize. Walking away IS the answer. And these virtual classes, might just save the rest of your week...

The inner peace found through meditation, yoga, reiki and the many other wellness service I offer is your ticket to personal growth.

Here's your golden ticket. Currently, I'm offering a FREE 30 Minute Reiki Session (in-person or virtual) using promo code; MYENERGY or 50% off a Full 1 Hour Reiki Session (in-person or virtual) using promo code; FALLFORYOURSELF.

Homework question; What realistic commitment to inner peace can you make, ?

I'm here to guide you. I'm here to be your Yoga & Meditation Teacher, your Well-Being Guide that's meant to no longer be needed... but more on that another day.

Stillness, Awareness, Wellness,

Nicole Starr Bacon


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