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Heart Melting

Hello Yogi, Opening our hearts, Nicole Starr, can be one of the scariest, hardest, most vulnerable things in the world we are asked to do. Often, we find it easier to open it up and out - meaning we become comfortable sending love, showing love, giving love, especially those who may not have been loves recipient in the early years of their lives. This may have had an adverse effect as well. If we weren’t shown how to love, whether it be through expression or reception, we repeat the cycle and struggle with it in our adult lives. One thing I know for certain, it’s all about balance… that fricking word again. And the only person that can decide where the scales are tipping, is you. Have you been opening your heart to the external world and forgetting about your internal world? Let’s balance that. Have you been focusing only on your internal world? Let’s balance that. Has your guarded heart been afraid to open? Let’s comfort that. This morning I was ready to share the Heart Melting Pose on Instagram Live. Honestly, because it’s what I needed. About a year ago, I was at a breaking point. Everything felt like it was crumbling. I knew I needed my mat but had little time to get there. I’d add an hour practice here and there to my weekly schedule but would rarely show up. That’s right, I wasn’t showing up for myself, for what I knew I needed to help me show up for others. So I developed a practice, actually, it’s more like a devotion, a commitment to myself that gives me 5 minutes a day to focus on my needs. Why? Because that’s all the time I have and I was sick of feeling guilty about not showing up for myself and taking that time away from others. I can commit to 5 minutes, I deserve (at the very least) 5 minutes. Every morning I wake up, ask my body, being, spirit, soul what it needs and I do that very thing. I was excited to share this Moment of Zen with you, because I believe in its impact and know, without a doubt, you deserve it. The reality though, is that without realizing it, by giving it to you, I took it away from me. I’m missing MY moment of zen. This morning, when I went to share this pose, I was unaware I was live on my personal Instagram page until after it was over. I was disappointed, frustrated, felt I let those down who have been showing up. I contemplated rushing to get it in, but I knew that wouldn’t serve anyone. So I took a breath, laughed at the irony and lesson, started my morning and came back to share it when I was able to. A year ago, this misstep would’ve ruined my day. But today, my balanced, unguarded heart isn’t allowing that to happen. I can help you on this journey. I can be the voice in your ear guiding you towards a recommitment to your self…even if it’s for just 5 minutes a day. I’m here when you’re ready. Stay in the Light, Nicole Starr Bacon


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