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Gym SHEnanigans

Hello Starrshine, Do you workout? No, I’m not trying to pick you up (though I’m sure we’d have a splendid time together.) I’m wondering what your gym experience is like… specifically the locker room (yeah, it’s getting weird.) For me, the way I act in the locker room varies with my mood. Sometimes I'm blazingly confident, walking around buck-ass naked, not a care in the world (now, is it buck-ass or butt-ass?) Other’s I'm a little more reserved, putting a towel around my body before taking off my clothes to avoid a nip slip. Then there are others days when I’m a black belt ninja, hiding in the stall, quietly tiptoeing around, eyes averted, pretending like no one can see me. I also habitually go to the same set of lockers to avoid forgetting where I put my stuff, then embarrassingly having to call the front desk to let me in, while chilling in a “barely covers my ass” towel. (Why are gym towels so damn small?!) Anyways, there’s a few women I’ve been seeing regularly and it seems as though their sociability varies like mine. Sometimes we talk, sometimes not a word is spoken but we generally congregate in the same corner. This week, we were chatty, connecting, laughing about silly gym scenarios. To paint the scene, I must say, this is an eclectic group of woman; different ages, demographics, sizes. The most petite and eldest woman, probably in her 70’s, said “I’m at an age where I just don’t worry about that kinda stuff anymore.” I said “well, I just turned 40 and am excited to be at the age where they say you begin to stop worrying about that stuff.” Another woman, roughly 60 said “40 was tough for me, I went through a divorce, switched careers, lots of changes but came out better than ever on the other side. Now 50, that was my favorite age.” Another woman who just turned 50 said she was excited to hear that because he 40’s brought her so much happiness and joy because she got finally married and had two children, which was always a dream of hers. All the while, this 20 year old was smiling, listening, nodding her head and finally said “that all sounds nice and honestly, I can't wait.” I remember 20 very clearly. It was exciting and exhausting. Like many, it was also the time I started this self-discovery journey. So, why am I telling you all of this?

To remind you that there’s no “one way” or “right way” to live this life. You are the only one who gets to decide what’s best for you. And it’s never too late to make a shift. And because with the excitement of our New Year’s resolutions fading, many of us are feeling disappointed that we didn’t stick with our goals, especially ones that focus on losing weight. Now, if weight loss is an objective, I can help get you there. Not like a personal trainer or nutritionist that will tell you exactly what you need to do to meet a goal they have in mind for you. But by co-creating one that you will stick with long term because it feels "right" to you. And it'll feel "right" because it'll be derived from your goals paired with your real life circumstances. It won't be about eating just 100 calories a day or working out 7 days a week. It'll be something suitable AND sustainable, not a quick fix fad but a lifestyle change... your lifestyle change. I know this because, though I’m not at my “goal weight,” I have lost 40 lbs since I gave birth to my two kiddos. And this wasn’t accomplished by deprivation, shame or fad diets. It was done by graciously changing my habits. But most importantly, it was done by adjusting my gaze and changing the way I look at my body. No longer hyper focused on what I needed to “fix” but replaced with a greater appreciation for what this vehicle has already given me. And standing there, vulnerably changing clothes in front of a diverse group of B E A U T I F U L women, seeing them courageously doing the same (nip slips be damned… check out these beauties) made me realize that’s it’s way more impactful to adjust the way we SEE our bodies then trying to fix the way our bodies look. Because to be honest, your body is not broken. I’m here whenever you’re ready for your new pair of glasses. Book a free Discovery Call to try them on. Rest in Your Radiance, Nicole Starr P.S. Be sure to follow our social media platforms for even more tips and tricks on how to keep your well-being balanced.


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