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Better Than Therapy

Hello Yogi, Have you ever tried therapy? It really is a valuable tool that can allow you to understand the workings of your brain. It's a blessing that therapy is becoming more the norm in our society because people are realizing that mental health affects every aspect of our lives; the way we parent, interact with others, work, play, etc...

Like most things, not all types of therapy are created equal. It's important to find the right "fit." The right person you can be yourself around, the person who will understand your objectives, goals and someone who can set their own agendas aside. Personally, it's taken me about 20 years to find the right fit. In years past, I had people immediately label me, diagnose me, tell me what my "weaknesses, illnesses and deficits" were - telling me what I needed in order to "fix" my brokenness. Instead, I was simply seeking guidance on how to ride the wave of my emotions, without being shamed for having them. Unfortunately, I often left sessions feeling worse, helpless, depleted. That is, until I experienced postpartum anxiety and depression. Thankfully I found a therapist who "gets me." She offers a safe space, grace and understanding, without labeling or diagnosing. I feel this is the way traditional therapy is progressing, I also think it's going to take some time for this to be more common. What I've realized though, no matter how helpful seeing her has been, thanks to her and my own healing, I've progressed beyond her services. I still schedule appointments when big events pop up, but now, she's more of a sounding board for what I've already uncovered. "Better than therapy!" This is what I hear at the end of most of my sessions. And somehow, it humbles yet empowers me. You see, I've been thinking a lot about my future and the direction I want to take my career. As you know, I geek out on brain-science. The way the brain adapts and controls our entire vessel, is nothing short of miraculous. I've been considering finishing my psyche degree to become a psychotherapist. I love the thought of listening to someone, holding space for them, helping them understand and accept their mental responses without shame. But, do I really want to diagnose, label or treat "illnesses or disorders." Would I offer anything differently than I do now? Actually... no, I wouldn't. Again, I think this is an admirable path and skill - it's just not one I want to pursue, right now. Maybe one day, but not today. Yes, I LOVE brain science AND anatomy science AND body work AND energy work AND mindfulness AND just embracing the system as a whole. I appreciate the way therapy assists us in understanding our past and how well-being coaching encourages us to set and meet goals that build our future. I also think it's important to understand our responses, in this moment of our lives. And I think guiding our futures can only be done after we accept our whole selves. Ok, now to the point, yes I'm more of a "short story long" over a "long story short" kinda gal.

I've finally labeled the main service I offer. The one where people contact me saying, "Hey, I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for, but this or that is going on in my life and I know I need something."

Usually, I schedule a service, that turns into something else entirely, after we share a conversation. And sometimes, the conversation lasts for most of the session, because that's what may be needed.

Honestly, I'm pretty fricking good at adapting on the fly. And if you've ever been in session with me, you know I usually have a general plan that I adapt, to meet you where you're at, in any moment, on any day. Not to be just your yoga teacher, bodyworker, reiki practitioner, well-being coach; to be ALL of them at the right time. To focus on the whole person that you are, not just treat parts of you. To be your guide on this journey of self discovery, self acceptance, self love. To be your Well-Being Guide: your guide towards being well, feeling well, loving well, living well. This is a holistic, personalized, fluid session where we'll discover which wellness modalities will best guide you, in the direction of your choosing. Other services will continue to be offered, this is simply a more guided approach, honestly, a label to what I'm already offering. Schedule your free consultation with me today. And if not today, then whenever you're ready, Nicole. Thank you for guiding me. For feeling comforted in this safe space I've created. For sharing your truths, your journey, all the while, guiding me along mine. Stillness, Awareness, Wellness, Nicole Starr Bacon


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