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Mindfulness Meditation Studio


Like all things in life, mindfulness is open to interpretation


The most common definition states that it is present moment awareness. However, even this description doesn't give us much insight into what it really means. So many observations, sensations, experiences happen moment to moment.


This is why I like to look at mindfulness as a one pointed awareness. Being fully present, having one focal point and intention.


The decision then is for you to decide whether you want to zoom in on the details or look at bigger picture. Same focal point, different lens. Do u want to be in the woods, amongst the trees or view the forest from a distance? The adventurer experiencing the sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts as they arise in the moment or the observer of them.


No right viewpoint, no wrong perspective, just different intentions.


Mindfulness is being present with whatever arises (either in them or observing them) while resisting the urge to manipulate, change, resolve, or go down the rabbit hole to find their origin. It’s this moment to moment awareness AND acceptance of what is.

Struggling to live presently or struggling to sleep? Practice Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra. These are forms of meditation where you focus on being aware of what's arising. You tap into what you're sensing and feeling in the moment without feeling the need to manipulate, change or judge anything. 
Yoga with Props

Meditation Styles



Often referred to as Yogic Sleep, Yoga Nidra transcends the layers of your consciousness, 

taking you to a relaxed sleep-like state

Guided Meditation

With the use of imagery and storytelling, gently travel through the neurological pathways of your brain to create new ones

Emotional Labeling

By becoming aware of sensations, be guided towards labeling, reconnecting and befriending the emotions that reside there


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and IPNB (Interpersonal Neurobiology) Mindsight approaches coined by Dr. Daniel Siegel.

Moment to moment awareness. The use of different practices to relax the body and mind allowing you to be fully present in your experience

Relieves stress and anxiety

Helps you live presently

Improves sleep
Calms the mind and body by supporting the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest)
Assists in emotional regulation, well-being and improves mental health
Lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, alleviates gastrointestinal difficulties. 
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