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Energy Work

Reiki & Restore™

Is like a warm, energetic hug

In the early 1900s, Mikao Usui developed Reiki, a practice rooted in Japanese philosophy. The term "Reiki" is a combination of "rei," meaning "universal," and "ki," denoting the vital life force energy flowing through all living things. Today, Reiki is a globally embraced complement to various wellness modalities.

Reiki practitioners utilize their hands to channel energy into your body, enhancing the flow and balance of your energy for healing, growth, and transformation. Serving as conduits between you and the universal energy source, practitioners direct energy towards any area of disharmony, known as byosen.

Reiki sessions can be experienced while lying on a mat or massage table. I prefer offering Reiki during Restorative Poses, employing props to fully support your body. This setup encourages relaxation, allowing you to transcend your physical body and connect with your energetic body.

The common question arises: "What should I expect?"

Every Reiki experience is unique, and each session varies. Sensations may include coolness, heat, magnetism, achiness, or calmness. Emotional releases can occur, with some clients crying while others laugh uncontrollably. Bright colors, messages, or visualizations may also be perceived. Reiki tends to provide what you seek or need, operating intuitively.

Notably, a sense of peace and preparation often occurs once a Reiki session is booked. Clients report feeling signs and messages, as if the Reiki is already at work within them.

Believing in the power of intention, I emphasize that setting the intention to receive Reiki opens the door to healing. There's no specific preparation needed for your session – just be open to the experience.

"Had my first ever Reiki appointment with Nicole. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect but have heard great things from friends about Reiki. It was such a comforting environment & can tell she's truly there to help. After my appointment I was mentally clear for about 4 days, which I really needed with currently going through a divorce. If you're looking for a break & truly wanting to better yourself it's a must. Again this is my experience yours will be different than mine. Please go in with an open mind, open heart and take it all in."  -Charlie Daniels
Nicole Bacon

Receive a full scan of your energetic body to locate any ebbs & flows

Spontaneously receive messages about your past, present and future